Who is Geeta?

A fitness enthusiast Geeta is a campaigner of Age Not Cage- a campaign to spread awareness on ageism, the founder of ANC Lingerie, a fashion model, a Changemaker and title holder of the’ First runner up’ in India Brainy Beauty 2019.

Age Not Cage is not just a campaign or a brand – it’s a voice against ageism.
The motivation for the campaign is to break stereotypes related to age. People often create mental models and make assumptions about people over a certain age, which are not always true.
Lingerie is a basic need for all women regardless of age. Additionally, lingerie allows maximum expression of femininity. Age Not Cage Lingerie is also a part of the campaign Age Not Cage. It is an Indian lingerie brand which is age-neutral and strives to portray models of all ages.
Thank you for reading, signing the petition and for your support. Enjoy your life to the fullest no matter what stage of life you are at! Cheers and happy shopping!


Geeta J
Age Not Cage Lingerie